Looks like smartphone but its a lot easyer to use.

EasyPhone App: From idea to product

The idea is born

It all started when my mom found it too difficult to use a smartphone. I was looking for the right phone for him in the market, but even the phones for seniors felt challenging. The reasons are, e.g., visual and general motor challenges and low need to use all features.

The idea was born. I would design the interface of a phone that my mom knows and wants to use. There were already great phones on the market, but their interfaces needed improvement.

The importance of the team

Even a good idea will only remain an idea unless you find a team of power around you with the passion and understanding to do it. I needed people with experience in startups, product development, technology, team spirit, in-app environment, and international consumer business. The team quickly gathered, and I invited business visionary Eva Brchisky, chief conductor of coding Tom af Hällström and Jussi Hyvärinen, a top player in online business. We established a startup called Easy Phone App Finland Oy, which focuses on Easy Use software development.

The product sees daylight

After surveys, research, and collected user experiences, we developed a more straightforward interface for Android phones along with seniors.

Olli has worked in the online business
more than 15 years consistently successful
from enterprises to new startups.

Olli Uuksulainen is an EasyPhone App developer and innovator.