App Privacy policy

CeniorPhone Oy values the privacy of its customers and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and complying with EU data protection regulations and privacy laws.

In this Privacy Statement, “personal information” means information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Collection of personal information

CeniorPhone application access/process your personal information on-device only, it is being retained in the memory during application runtime to provide you feature access and it is not being transmitted off device (to our remote server or any third-party). Any personal information that was retained during application runtime is freed up as soon as you leave a screen that required any personal information to provide feature access or as soon as you close an application. CeniorPhone employees do not operate with your personal data in any possible scenario

All personal information (names, phone numbers, addresses etc.) are stored in phone’s contacts book and CeniorPhone Call & SMS Add-on ask access to it through native Android permissions, no data is being accessed by CeniorPhone application without your consent and permission. Before providing access to operate with your personal data you will be prompted with a prominent disclosure within an application with additional explanation why certain permissions is required for CeniorPhone application to work properly

CeniorPhone and CeniorPhone Call & SMS Add-on mobile applications work without using any backend for data processing, this way we can assure our customers that no personal information (contacts, call lists, images, videos, messages) are sent over the internet

Below you can find a types of data CeniorPhone app accesses with a corresponding feature use cases

Phone numbers, call history – application requires this data to operate as a default Phone app on your personal device

SMS/MMS data – application requires this data to operate as a default SMS app on your personal device

Phone contacts (name, email, address, phone number) –  application requires this data to provide access to view/edit/remove contacts within Ceniorphone app

Precise location – application use your precise location to provide SOS SMS feature, which sends your current location to phone numbers pre-installed by user in an emergency case

Contact details of the controller

The registrar is CeniorPhone Oy in Finland. Please email olli@ceniorphone.com or +358451304001 to contact our Privacy Officer